My Kit

Filming equipment:

  • Blackmagic Ursa mini pro G2 (can record onto Samsung T5 SSD’s)
  • Xeen cine Lens kit
  • Bright Tangerine Follow Focus
  • Tilta Matt box
  • Aputure 600d Pro
  • Aputure 300d ii
  • Aputure Nova 300c
  • Aputure 60x
  • Aputure MC kit x4
  • 2 x Falcon eyes 818 RGB panels
  • Tango 100mm slider kit
  • Dolly Tracks
  • Blackmagic pocket 6k
  • Atomos Sumo 19 inch client monitor
  • 2 x Small HD Touch 702HD
  • Swit wireless SDI transmission kit for both monitors
  • Reflector boards
  • Heavy duty tripods
  • Polarising filter (4×4 in matt box)
  • Grad ND filters (4×4 in matt box)

Recording capabilities:

  • ProRes 444 4k up to 120 fps
  • BRAW 4.6k up to 200fps
  • BRAW 1080p up to 300fps

Audio Equipment:

  • Rode NTG 3 mic
  • Boom pole
  • Blimp for outdoor recording
  • Zoom H6 field recorder
  • 2 x Sony lavs with undercovers

Photography Equipment:

  • 2 x Canon 5D MK IV
  • Canon L series lenses
  • Godox portable strobes x 2
  • Godox studio strobes x 4

Other equipment:

  • Small combo van (can fit all equipment)
  • Adicam cart
  • Sand bags x 6
  • Soft boxes: strip, octo, hex up to 60 inches.
  • 3 x Matthews double riser stands
  • Various heavy duty stands including C stands and combo stands
  • 2022 Mac Pro 16 inch 64gb ram


Kit benefits:

The kit is designed for quick assembly whilst on a shoot. All bags and cases are big enough that every component is set up and ready to go. There are two monitors for viewing on set: one 7 inch monitor with a neck strap for the director and one 19 inch monitor for clients and producers. There are no cables between the camera and monitors thanks to the Swit wireless system which sends the image to both monitors simultaneously.

Once the shoot has wrapped, the 4k files will be ready on a Samsung T5 drive for ditting. This saves transfer times with speeds of over 500mb/s.

All monitors are HDR and LUT ready so clients can view the live image as close to the final product as possible.